Super Chevy Show 1989

Phil Reed

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Bill Burge's red 63 Z-11...I think it's Ronnie Evans in the Goldenrod car..........Butch and Rhonda Burnett in the Northern Rebel and I can't remember the name of the Wildfire car. And I know it!!!! If you look real close, my company name is on the side of the Northern Rebel hood scoop. I helped sponsor Butch and Rhonda that year. I still have the Press Release kit they gave me.
Great pictures...lots of memories of the good ole days for lots of us here!!!! Thanks for posting.

Dick MacKenzie

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In 2007 Vern Griffith Jr. had the Golden Rod car at the Columbus Hot Rod Reunion. It was for sale at the time. I don't know if he still has it or not.

Looks like the Hood Scoop has been changed.

Last 60

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Butch and Rhonda were in our Late Great Chevy chapter. They also had a white '62 Impala 409 convertible.

I'm still figuring out the process to load multiple pictures and edit at the same time. I loaded a few more pictures, including a couple more with Golden Rod and Northern Rebel. Maybe someone will recognize some faces in these.
From trolling this site for years, I'm going to guess someone on here knows where these cars are. I'm always amazed at the knowledge held here. These pictures were taken around the peak of the 409 craze in the Super Chevy magazine. You couldn't open a single magazine that didn't have at least one feature car that was a 409 of some sort. It was awesome! I went to Indy, Dallas, and Topeka Super Chevy events. Unfortunately, pictures from Indy are the only ones I can still find.


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I was in high school during those years (class of '92) so maybe that explains some of it for me beyond just growing up with a '61 in the yard. Wonder why more my age who's automotive minds were forming at the time aren't into the great W?


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It was a super chevy show in Norwalk in 92 or 93 I was 20 that got me hooked. Bill Burge had his pro stock 63 that he was in the process of building and a beautiful chrome and blue 409 for sale in the back of the trailer completely rebuilt 425 hp for 4500.00. I didn't buy that one but I was hooked then. I ended up picking my engine up from Scott Cornwell in Flat Rock Michigan, he had a z11 at the time and I got to hold the bumper from it.